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Lil Wayne Announced That He Is Left With Only A Month To Live, Sued His Life Insurance Company And His Lawyer Reculé!!!

In a latest development, Lil Wayne threatens to sue life insurance company to q ‘were giving it advantages before he died. Although he received the greatest shock of his life when his lawyer informed him that he can not win the case and he does not stand for it.


This came a day after the King of Hip Hop industry announced they end up with a few weeks to live as reported yesterday.

Report earlier:


This must be the saddest news in “The Game” or rather Hip Hop music industry this year. New Orleans Grate Lil Wayne made a very shocking announcement this morning in Atlanta after calling a press conference, Tune Chi who seemed to have lost a lot of weight has sadly told fans and reporters that he was diagnosed with tumor skin and his doctors said they have only five weeks to live.
his doctor confirmed that earlier this month Lil Wayne was diagnosed with stage 4 tumor means there’s nothing they can do to save him.





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