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Like ‘Uhuru Kenyatta’ Like ‘Trump’ – Here’re 7 Interesting Similarities Between Them!!

Trump might be unique president yet in truth there is by all accounts various Presidents who act and think just in an indistinguishable way from he does, in any event to an impressive degree.

There are Presidents who have a hard a period dealing with their words as of now. Africa’s Mugabe is globally known for that; Filipino’s Duterte is another, Trump may simply be the head of the group.

Patrick Gathara a strategic communications consultant, writer and award-winning political cartoonist in Kenya took out time to draw out the striking similarities between Trump and Africa’s Kenyatta.

In his article titled: Trump’s America could look a lot like Kenya,Gathara suggested that Americans should simply take a look at Kenya and accept what is ahead of Trump’s presidency.

1. Born With The Silver Spoon:

Both personalities were born into wealthy homes… typical rich kids. While Trump is the son of a successful business mogul, Uhuru is the son of Kenya’s founding father, Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first president.

Trump self-sponsored his campaign and that is an unprecedented fact in America’s history. Usually, political candidates are sponsored by billionaires but Mr. Trump who is already one took care of his bills single-handedly.

2. Controversial Business Ethics:

Earlier than Trump’s campaign, he was in and out of court for questionable business ethics. For years Trump who is one of the world’s richest men did not pay tax and when confronted in one of the debates with Clinton, blunt Trump said that made him smart.

Uhuru, on the other hand seems to be keeping with the concept of keeping it in the family. It is believed that Jomo acquired the majority of landholdings in Kenya. Till now, their wealth and assets are not completely known.

3. Chauvinists: 

Both men according to Gathara, are accused of fanning ethnic and racial hatred.


4. They Love Walls:

Trump proposed during his campaign to build a wall that Mexico will supposedly pay for. Likewise Uhuru adopted a similar measure in order to keep the Kenyan boundaries secure.

“The Kenyatta government is building a wall to keep out terrorists either along the entire 700-kilometer border with Somalia or just on a small section near the border town of Mandera.”- Gathara.

With the international call for security consciousness, countries like the UK have begun the construction of a wall to keep illegal immigrants away.

5. Won After Dicey Elections: 

Both have become the leaders of their respective countries under “the most unlikely of circumstances and in the face of global opprobrium.”

6. Tendency Of Feuding With Journalists:

It was rather surprising that Trump who is a media person does not at this point trust the media. In the same way Uhuru has been accused of making policies that infringe press freedom. Gathara says that his administration has seen to the beating and arrest of journalists.

7. Radical Approach To Terrorism: 

If there is one point that endeared American voters to push for Trump, it will be his raw and radical pronouncements against radical Islamism and terrorism.

It is on record that in going toe to toe with Al-shabab terroists, Uhuru adopted the radical justice style. Since the group had no intention of slowing down, the president ordered that for every 1 Christian killed, 4 Muslims will pay for it with their lives.

Trump’s America will uphold a total shutdown of Muslims in the country. At the moment an extreme vetting of Muslims in America is about to kick off.

Nigeria’s Fani Kayode in his recent article says that “a Putin/Trump/Netanyahu coalition is the worst nightmare” for ISIS and all terror groups of the world.


Written by How Africa

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