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Like Trump, Khalifa Haftar Issues ‘Travel Ban’ on Six Muslim Countries in Eastern Libya

The commander of the eastern forces of Operation Dignity under the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) Khalifa Haftar, issued on Monday a travel ban that disallows the nationals of six Muslim countries from entering the eastern districts and cities that his forces control in Libya.

The travel ban was slammed on the nationals of Iran, Syria, Sudan. Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Yemen.

According to the letter sent by Haftar to the Director of Passports Control at Labreg Airport, Michael Atiyah, in addition to those nationals, any foreigners who don’t have valid visas or residence permits would be also banned from entering eastern Libya.

In February, Haftar and his Operation Dignity officials issued a travel ban on Libyan nationals between the ages of 18 and 45 if they don’t obtain a prior security clearance from security and intelligence departments.

A copy of the order, dated 4 April

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