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Like S.A, Tunisian Gov’t Launches Online Learning Platform Amid COVID-19

Tunisia’s education ministry has launched an online learning platform amid an extended coronavirus lockdown.

The initiative has attracted the input of students, parents and teachers and educational digital services providers to create content for learners.

The National Centre for Technologies in Education is in charge of the implementation of the ministry’s program at the Tunisian Virtual School.

Wala Turki, Director General, National Centre for Technologies in Education says, “The virtual school offers a space for distance learning. It is a space for virtual classrooms where teachers and students can interact together.”

Developed by Tunisian engineers, teachers and educational inspectors, the new platform aims to fill the void and to offer an alternative way for continuing the school year following its interruption due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Turki added that, “The website also includes a virtual library. Free educational resources are listed. They are made by Tunisian teachers and validated by educational inspectors. These resources are classified and indexed in order to facilitate research.”


Sandra Safta a Primary School Pupil, has been at home for more than 5 weeks due to the general lock-down in the country. Yet, the 10 year old primary school pupil continues studying with her mother. She misses her school and friends. However, Sandra views online education as an opportunity.

“I think that for some subjects, it’s even better to study at home than in class. I can rewind videos and watch the same course many times online while the teacher does not always repeat in class. We must adapt until the end of the pandemic,” Sandra Safta submits.

Sandra can connect to the online platform which offers thousands of interactive activities, audio-visual resources and textbooks for academic support.

Experts at the National Centre for Technologies in Education assert that the Tunisian virtual school is a step forward in the development of online education.

This discipline was neglected in the past, as it lacked the necessary resources before the coronavirus crisis. Authorities now say that boosting online education is a national priority.


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