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“Like Abraham, God Has Asked Me To Sacrifice My Daughter And No One Can Stop Me” – Cameroonian’s Loreto Miriame!!

In Cameroon a woman simply identified as Loreto Miriame was taken from a mountain in Bamenda in Cameroon while she was going to kill her daughter because she claimed that “GOD” had asked her to sacrifice her child to prove her faith.

It was a tourist who was exploring the mountain that heard the child screaming around 6 pm and came to his rescue. The tourist explained, when he came, he saw the child tied on a tree and the mother surely prayed his last prayer before the sacrifice. The 12-year-old child begged her mother not to kill her, but her mother told her that it was for her own good and that her “GOD” wanted to see her.


In a country where poverty is the routine of a million people, miracles in churches have become the last option to get them out of poverty. In recent years, there have been the creation of hundreds of churches called revival churches, where miracles are accomplished at will.

When the woman was interviewed, she said she had a revelation and that “GOD” told her she had to sacrifice her child to prove her faith. She also said that her pastor in such awakened churches also had the same revelation and that it was a call from the Lord.

“Nobody can stop me from killing my child. Only “GOD” can tell me to stop the sacrifice. I prefer to die or go to prison rather than refuse to do what “GOD” has asked me to do, “she said.

She was taken to a psychiatric hospital and her pastor was arrested.



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