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Lift Your People from Poverty – Nancy Pelosi Advises Ghanaian Gov’t

Nancy Pelosi said the government has to make sure most Ghanaians are lifted from poverty and given hope for the future.

Pelosi made this call when she addressed parliament as part of her 4-day tour of Ghana.

“We must ensure that every person, particularly, our young people, have hope and a future”, she said.

“Together, our governments must continue to support smart developmental strategies that spur sustainable economic growth and lift up all families in Ghana and throughout Africa,” Ms Pelosi, who is the first female Speaker of the US Congress, said.

Ms Pelosi further noted that Ghana and the US governments must cooperate to create educational and economic opportunities that allow every student and worker to climb the ladders of opportunity, and “we must focus on women and girls. In America, we say ‘when women succeed, America succeeds’, and I’m sure also in Ghana, when women succeed, Ghana succeed.”

Lift your people from poverty - Nancy Pelosi advises Ghana gov't
Lift your people from poverty – Nancy Pelosi advises Ghana gov’t

Talking about justice in healthcare delivery, Ms Pelosi said both countries must ensure that her citizens can have equal access to basic healthcare.

“We must strive in the eradication of diseases. We cannot accept a world in which where one is born determines whether we have access to quality affordable care service; people need to live their healthy fulfilling lives. Healthcare for us is a right for everyone, not the privileged few,” she stated.

Ms Pelosi also mentioned that Ghana and the US must achieve environmental justice so that all children, no matter where they grow up, can breathe clean air and drink clean water because environmental issues are health issues.


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