Life Expectancy: Check Out The Top 10 Countries In Africa Where People Live The Longest

Human life expectancy refers to the average number of years that a group of people can expect to live if it is born in a given year and if the mortality rate remains constant in the future. This is Wikipedia’s definition. This ranking takes into account 2015 figures published in 2016.

Figures in the world

In the world ranking of countries with the highest life expectancy, Japan leads with 83.7 years for both sexes. It is followed by Switzerland with 83.4 years and Singapore with 83.1 years.

In terms of gender, men live as long as 81.3 years in Switzerland, while women live the longest in the world at 86.8 years old in Japan.


For Africa

The first African country to appear in this ranking is Algeria. The country ranks 60 th in the world rankings. In addition, it is the 81 st country where women live the longest and the 50 th for men. After Algeria, Tunisia is that positions to 65 th place worldwide.

For both sexes, it is in Seychelles that women live the longest with 78 years. Then, it is in Algeria that men live the longest with 73.8 years.



Summary table

Rank for Africa Country World (two sexes) Hope two sexes Female rank Hope women Men’s rank Hope men
1. Algeria 60th 75.6 81th 77.5 50th 73.8
2. Tunisia 65th 75.3 76th 77.8 61th 73.0
3. Mauritius 77th 74.6 76th 77.8 78th 71.4
4. Morocco 83th 74.3 99th 75.4 56th 73.3
5. Green cap 93th 73.3 103rd 75.0 81th 71.3
6. seychelles 94th 73.2 66th 78.0 98th 69.1
7. Libya 96th 72.7 98th 75.6 92th 70.1
8. Egypt 107th 70.9 111th 73.2 99th 68.8
9. Sao Tome and Principe 127th 67.5 130th 69.4 124th 65.6
10. Senegal 128th 66.7 132th 68.6 130th 64.6

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