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Libyan Case/Sarkozy: Here are the Elements That Have Been Handed Over to the French Courts

It was the head of the investigative division, the Attorney General in Tripoli, who informed our colleagues at RFI that he had spoken to the French courts about the testimony of some high-ranking Libyan officials detained and interrogated in the framework of the case of alleged financing of the election campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.

Last week, Nicolas Sarkozy was placed in custody for “illegal financing of electoral campaign”, “passive corruption” and “concealment of embezzlement of Libyan public funds”.

Charges he has repeatedly denied and rejected. But according to RFI, several new elements have been handed over to the French courts, which have helped speed up the case. According to the French judges, these are the Libyan investigative elements recently added to the file.


The Libyan judiciary has transmitted to the French judges the testimony of three Libyan officials imprisoned in connection with this case. They are Abdallah Al Sanoussi, former Libyan foreign intelligence chief, Al Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi, former prime minister, and Abdallah Mansour, former chief of internal intelligence.

It was in late 2016 and early 2017 that the three personalities had been heard by the tripoli Attorney General during their detention in Al-Hadaba Prison.

Assiddik Assour made it clear that Libya opened its own investigation into Libya’s alleged financing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign and it was in this context that Libyan dignitaries were heard.

It should be noted that excerpts from the statements of these Libyan dignitaries were posted on the website of the newspaper Mediapart this weekend.


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