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Libya’ Slavery: Samuel Eto’o, Alpha Blondy, Claudy Siar, Koffi Olomide All React To The Viral Video  

Presenters radio and TV, African footballers, musicians, voices keep rising to condemn the auction of migrants as slaves in Libya. A few hours ago, the former Cameroonian international Samuel Eto’o decided to engage in this fight against slavery that took shape in the land of the late Muhammar Gaddafi.

In recent days, the presenter of the RFI tropical color show, Claudi Siar, made a video on facebook where he called on African heads of state and children of Africa to stand up as one man to fight peaceful way against the auction of migrants as slaves. Obviously his cry was heard. In the same vein, Koffi Olimidé also made a video on facebook to express his indignation at seeing how the children of Africa are treated so inhumanly.

Claudy Siar, for one, said,  “My heart is bleeding. Decidedly, we are only worn to vain things. Here is another one that should revolt us, but once again we are cowardly.  “

Alpha Blondy pour sa part a adressé une lettre aux présidents africains qu’il a formulé ainsi qu’il suit:



“To the Presidents of the African Union and to the Presidents of ECOWAS. Allow me to challenge you to say that we African peoples who rely on you to defend us and to protect us, we are surprised and amazed by your silence at the revolting, humiliating and unacceptable situation that live your nationals, our brothers, our sisters, our sons and our daughters sold as slaves in Libya (member country of the African Union). You and your intelligence services must have seen CNN’s report on the auction as slaves of your nationals, in captivity in Libya (as I speak to you). What are you waiting for to react and intervene ??? But what are you waiting for? This cry of the heart is not a call to violence,but I ask all Africans and all those who have been shocked by this act that constitutes a crime against humanity to besiege all the Libyan embassies in their respective countries, until the total liberation of all the captives in Libyan territory. If the presidents of the African Union and ECOWAS give us the impression of having resigned then the civil society is obliged to take its responsibilities before history.

It was our colleagues from CNN who discovered this practice in Libya some time ago, and disseminated the information on their site.


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