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‘Libya Slavery’: Meet The Man Who Is Allegedly At The Middle Of All The Unhappy Blacks In Libya

Sanspure, Mustapha Abdeljalil led Libya with emphasis on settling ethnic accounts after he participated in the assassination of Gaddaffi. It plunges into the country chaos. He was accused by the military justice of abuse of power and undermining national unity in the case of the assassination of rebel chief of staff Abdelfattah Younes in July 2011 .He later resigns in confusion because he is not able to run the country. Today, Moustapha Abdel Jalil is plagued by shame because he did not do more than Gaddaffi. This confusion is at the root of the migrants’ difficulties. His own men are behind the smuggling of migrants. They sell migrants to survive. General Moustapha Abdel Jalil, does not like blacks. For him they are objects. Because it is thinkable under Gaddaffi, to proceed to the sale of a human being.


This man is at the origin of all the unhappy blacks in Libya

For everyone to know, General Moustapha Abdel Jalil was the mole of the West. He had led the rebellion against Gaddaffi. Yet he owes everything to the colonel, a man who did everything for him. After the death of Colonel Gaddaffi, he becomes shamefully president of the Libyan National Transitional Council. A real deal that treats blacks


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