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Libya Slave Trade: “Task Force To Act In Libya; There Will Be No French Intervention”

France will not intervene militarily in Libya, declared Sunday the spokesman of the French government, Benjamin Griveaux, which evokes an “inter-African force”.

On the sidelines of the European Union-African Union summit in Abidjan, French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday (November 29th) the setting up of a task force to help illegal immigrants stuck in Libya and to fight against the networks. smugglers. An announcement that sparked many questions. “This is not a foreign intervention force,” say EU and African Union officials, who speak of increased cooperation in actions against traffickers who operate in Libya and neighboring countries and increased support for migrants.

Asked on the subject this Sunday morning December 3 at the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1-CNEWS-Les Echos, the spokesman for the French government refers to an inter-African force.


“There will be no military intervention from France. There must be an inter-African force that can intervene. France and the European Union can be there in support of intelligence, services, intelligence, technology, but it is important that this operation can be conducted under the authority and by inter-African military contingents “ , said Benjamin Griveaux.

“The Europeans will meet G5 Sahel on December 13th. So you have military forces that are able to carry out these operations. But first of all, and this is the extreme urgency, the absolute urgency, the situation of people, evaluated at 3,800. Then there is also a difficulty, it is today to establish figures, 400.000 people in camps, up to 700.000, so almost in a ratio of one to two, we are talking about 42 camps that are not run in the same way, not by the same authorities. , and therefore we must see clearly, “said the spokesman of the French government.

On his Twitter account, Benjamin Griveaux stresses: “In Libya, we went to war but we did not prepare peace. Emmanuel Macron seized the subject from the beginning of his mandate.


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