Libya: Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi Would Have Access To $20 Billion…… Here are the reasons!!


According to  Times,  Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the second son of Muhammar Gaddafi, would have access to 20 billion dollars despite all the efforts that were made at the international level, to cut off his father’s fortune.

It is remembered that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi had been sentenced to death and assigned to house arrest in Zentane City pending execution. But recently, he was granted an amnesty and was released, but the information was not confirmed. According to his lawyers, he would hide in a secret place. According to other sources, he would be in Egypt. He is considered by some tribes to be the legitimate leader of the country, and has sometimes been referred to as a symbol of unity.


A fortune estimated at more than $ 60 billion

According to Transparency International, the Gaddafi family will hold $ 60 billion, but for Abdelhamid al-Jadi, an investigator appointed by the Libyan transition government to find Saif al-Islam, the true figure could reach 300 billion of dollars.

It seems that this fortune stems from the various diversions on the oil revenues of the country committed by his father when he was in power. This money would be spread over several accounts around the world according to sources close to the Gaddafi family.

Most of it would be retained in the United Arab Emirates, and in the Gulf countries where the sanctions imposed on his family did not apply. There would also be in Switzerland, a country supposed to respect the freeze of assets of the family decreed by the United Nations.

A few days ago, the International Criminal Court called for the immediate arrest of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi for crimes against humanity. According to Jackson Oldfield of the Civil Forum for Asset Recovery, it has become increasingly difficult to follow in the footsteps of Gaddafi’s fortunes since the outbreak of the civil war in Libya.



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