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Libya: Gaddafi’s Son, Saif Al-Islam, On A Mission To Save The Country

Muhammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif Al-Islam, one of the most popular politicians before the Arab Spring, was released by Abu Bakr Al Siddiq battalion militiamen in June after spending more than five years in captivity. And now, he is back on the political scene to save his country, local media reports.

In an interview with Sputniknews, his lawyer, Khalid al Zaidi revealed the intentions of Saif al-Islam.

“Saif al-Islam is the only hope for Libyans at this time and will return to the political scene ,  said the lawyer of the second son of the former leader of Libya, ousted and murdered during the Arab Spring.

According to Khalid al-Zaidi, the current situation in Libya, the lack of dialogue and misunderstanding of the current state of affairs require the return of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.


“There have been reports that Saif Al-Islam has left Libya, but that’s not true. It communicates with Libyan leaders, tribal representatives to find a political solution and appease the parties in conflict.

The lawyer also pointed out that the work of Saif al-Islam is very different from the one underway in Tunisia where negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations are under way between the rulers of the rival Libyan parties and lead to nothing. .

“Saif Al-Islam is supported by Libyans”

“These negotiators do not work to stabilize the country but make agreements with each other, defending their own interests that are different from those of ordinary Libyans,” said Al Zaidi.

“The Libyans do not expect anything from these talks because they have failed for seven years, they are just causing suffering, war, destruction and famine.” Al Zaidi also noted that Saif Al-Islam does not have the support of the government, but is supported by ordinary Libyans. “All Libyans are armed to the teeth, all tribes have weapons … Saif Al-Islam is counting on them to fight against terrorism and stabilize the situation in the country.”

“The majority of the tribes await the intervention of Saif al-Islam. For now, this is the only hope for the people of the country, “he concluded.


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