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Libya: 5 Relatives of Late Libyan Leader, Muammar Gaddafi Released From Prison

” Abdallah al-Senoussi, the former boss of Gaddafi’s external intelligence, Baghdaddi Mahmoudi the former prime minister, Abu Zaid Dourda another former Libyan intelligence chief, Abdallah Mansour, a former chief of domestic intelligence and Saadi Gaddafi, the Colonel Gaddafi’s third son  “are the 5 relatives of the late guide who were released from prison according to our colleagues in Kewoulo who relay the local media. However, they are currently under house arrest.

”  They are living in supervised residences in Tripoli and they will soon have their full release. Can we read from our source.

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The release comes one year after Saif-Islam Gaddafi’s release and a week after declaring his candidacy for the next general election that Libya wants to hold this year.

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Saif al-Islam made this statement from Tunisia where he is left with several other members of the former Gaddafi regime.

In Libya, there were no demonstrations of joy or anger as soon as the release of relatives of the former Libyan leader was announced. The Libyan authorities have refrained from commenting. ”  The government wants, first of all, to see the reaction of the populations before releasing everyone. We need reconciliation to rebuild this country, 7 years after Kadhafi’s death  “said a Libyan official.

174 detainees among whom the former officials and military close to the late Gaddafi are still in prison. The 5 relatives of the ex-guide who were released changed their place of detention and enjoyed better conditions of detention including access to the Internet.



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