Libya 2.0? Mike Pompeo Threatens Maduro, An American Senator Publishes a Photo of the Lynching of Gaddafi

US pressure intensifies against Nicolas Maduro: his days would be “counted”, according to the head of the American diplomacy. In the same day, US Senator Marco Rubio posted an image of Gaddafi’s lynching …

The fate of Nicolas Maduro has become a major concern for Washington, which no longer recognizes him as Venezuelan head of state since opponent Juan Guaido proclaimed himself acting president on January 23, 2019 .

Thanks to the Venezuelans, the days of Maduro are counted.

On February 24, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was certain that “thanks to the Venezuelans, the days of Maduro [were] numbered”. Asked about the scenario of a use of force by the US military, Mike Pompeo has, like the previous statements of Donald Trump, refused to exclude him. “We said all the options were on the table,” he said on Fox News. “We will do what it takes for democracy to prevail and a better future for Venezuelans,” he added.

The same day, a tweet published by Republican Senator Marco Rubio, containing a photo of the lynching of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, caused an influx of reactions on Twitter, the overwhelming majority of netizens spotting there, because of the absence of text teaser, a rapprochement between the fate of the former head of the Libyan state and the future of Nicolas Maduro, a topic that occupies much of the Twitter thread of the senator.

The publication was notably denounced by the Twitter account WikiLeaks, an organization founded by the whistleblower Julian Assange, who pointed out, among other tweets commenting the political orientation of Marco Rubio, that the death of Muammar Gaddafi was followed by ” A civil war [in Libya] causing tens of thousands of deaths, terrorism and [development] of slavery [in the country] ‘. And to deplore the fact that a personality presenting himself as a defender of human rights can rejoice that a man is “sodomized […] with a bayonet”, in reference to the turbid circumstances that preceded the shooting death of the leader Libyan.

On February 25, Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaido and his allies in the Lima group, as well as US Vice President Mike Pence, meet in Bogota, Colombia, to define measures to force Nicolas Maduro to leave the power.

American passion for democracy, really?

Beyond the future of the Venezuelan people, the scenario of a “regime change” promoted by the US administration could be motivated by other factors … like the fact that this country is endowed with the greatest reserves proven crude oil in the world. 


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