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Liberia’s President, George Weah Seeks Another $75 Million in Budget Emergency

A country devastated by the civil war, shaken by an Ebola crisis, a suffocated economy, here is Liberia “inherited” by George Weah, elected on December 26, 2017 and then president on January 22.

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In the face of hopes, the former footballer launches into a race against time in search of new investors. A race that results in a series of trips to the continent but also to Europe including France.

In an exclusive interview with our colleagues from Jeune Afrique, the Liberian president confided that “the state coffers are empty.” In other words, the Liberian president faces a “fiscal emergency”. His entourage speaks of 75 million dollars, necessary to be able to pay the salaries of the civil servants of the first three months of the year.

In the process, his teams began discussions with the IMF and the World Bank. In France, still informs Jeune Afrique, they have obtained a donation of 10 million euros after Liberia was included on the list of priority recipients of aid from the French Development Agency (AFD).

When he seized power, it must be emphasized that Mr Weah immediately announced austerity measures and the abolition of several constitutional provisions. It is also recalled that in his speech on the state of union in late January, he announced a drop “with immediate effect” of 25% of his salary.

At the social level, it has lowered the prices of essential goods and reduced taxes. Measures to significantly reduce the cost of living to the people.

Rebuilding the country, raising the economy at half-mast, and giving the people a smile are some of the challenges Gerore Weah faces. But, does one have to blame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, his predecessor, for leaving the country with a painting completely painted in black?

The question is worth all its weight of gold insofar as the former senator of the county of Montserrado, a close friend of the new strongman of Morovia, claims to have inherited a country “economically very weakened”, leaded by a “mismanagement And weakened by the uncertainty that prevailed during the presidential election.

“When people were not sure there would be a second round, they went to deposit their money in the banks of neighboring countries. In some government offices, everything was stolen, “says the latter.

If Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is not to have acted sufficiently enough to raise the economy, it would be futile to accuse him wrongly, to believe the position expressed by his successor.

“When you have neither social stability nor political stability, you can not work for economic development,” said the former football glory.

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