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Liberia’s President George Weah Negotiates Lower Import Rice Prices

The new President George does not sleep at all on his laurels. As soon as he came to power, he put all his weight on the record for the well-being of the people of Liberia.

He has exerted considerable pressure on rice importers and has been able to achieve some results well below expectations. As a result of the negotiations undertaken personally, Mr. Weah managed to obtain from the Rice Importers Association represented by its President John Bestman, a more or less acceptable price decrease.

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The association is committed to reducing the price of the 25 kg bag by $ 2 and the 50 kg bag by $ 4. But the head of state had wanted to get a drop on the bag of 25 kg of 3 dollars.

President George Manneh Weah does not forget the economic operators of the sector. According to our information, it will proceed in a short time to “reasonable” adjustments to tax regimes.

Since taking office, he has reassured that he will do everything possible to reduce the price of rice.  J suggest we drop the price of rice, which is the main component of the national dish. This is a minimum for people who do not even have $ 100 of salary per month.  Said Weah.

The rice problem has always been acute in Liberia because it is the basis of the population’s diet.


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