Liberia’s President, Ellen Johnson Sirlea Makes Changes to Liberia Cabinet

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made a number of appointments in Government affecting the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Information, Culture & Tourism, Youth and Sports, Lands, Mines and Energy, Public Works, Transport, Post and Telecommunications, Independent National Commission on Human Rights, Public Procurement and Concessions Commission, Law Reform Commission, Executive Protection Service and the Judiciary.

These appointments are subject to confirmation by the Senate where applicable. Those appointed are:

Marjon Kamara, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lewis G. Brown, Ambassador, J. Wesley Washington Assistant Minister for Public Affairs. Others are Henrique Tokpah , Minister of Internal Affairs, Eugene Nagbe , Minister of Information, Saah N’Tow, Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Adolphus Wade, Commissioner, Independent National Commission on Human Rights, Ms. Tonia Wiles, Commissioner, Mr. Wilfred Gray Johnson , Commissioner and Rev. Bartholomew Colley , Commissioner




At the Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy, Mr. Joseph Howe is appointed as Assistant Minister for Energy, Boakai Kanneh , Member of the Law Reform Commission.

The following persons have also been appointed on the Board of Commissioners, Public Procurement and Concessions Commission. They are Willie Belleh, Chairman, Mr. John Ballout, Member (Replacing Mr. Catakaw) as Member.

At the Ministry of Transport, Kansualism B. Kansuah has been named as Assistant Minister for Land and Rail Transport while Edsel Smith is appointed as Assistant Minister for Construction at the Ministry of Public Works.

Abu Kamara is appointed as Assistant Minister for Administration at Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and Ms. Rose Stryker is now Assistant Director of the Executive Protective Services replacing Darlington George.

Mr. Edwin C. Walker, Jr. is appointed at the Notary Public, Montserrado County.


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