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Liberia: This is Semah; the Little Blind Boy Who is Becoming Famous Alongside Flavor


A meeting and everything rocks. Life is so full of surprises and little Semah is living testimony to this fact. From the simple status of a fan, the young blind sees the rank of artist. After having managed to interpret a song of his idol Flavor, the young Liberian is opened the doors of a unique and brilliant career.

Semah G. Weifur has just made the third video with Flavor. A third song called “No one Like You” as wonderful as the first two: “All We Need”, “Love Is All We Need”. Three beautiful sounds with the one to whom he had starred.


The story begins in April 2017. Nigerian star Flavour attends an exchange meeting with some of his fans in Liberia. Very quickly, he is struck by the peculiarity of Semah. Beyond his disability, the child has a haunting voice. A voice that was widely acclaimed during this meeting. The artist then commits himself to be next to this child who has a formidable talent in the art in which he evolves.

He takes him in his arms and from there is born a beautiful friendship. Flavour testified: “I made a new friend Semah G. Weifur. He is blind and sang my songs better than me . ” His dream of being able to sing with Flavor was realized. And will surely be better by his side.

In Liberia, Semah is already an example for the younger generation, a rising star of music. Flavor’s role does not stop with collaborations but with a background work to allow little Semah to fly on his own feet by walking of course in the footsteps of his mentor.


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