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Liberia: 7 Things to Know About This Influential Woman Who Today Links Charles Taylor to George Weah

She is 54-year-old Jewel Howard-Taylor, who rose to the vice-president of Liberia following George Weah’s victory in late December 2017. This influential woman is also the former wife of Charles Taylor. Back to the portrait of a woman who links Charles Taylor to George Weah.

  1. Ex wife of Charles Taylor

Jewel Howard met Charles Taylor in the 1980s and married him in 1997, when he became head of the country after years of war. Then they divorce in 2006. However, being the father of her two children, Jewel Howard admits to have little contact with Charles Taylor.


2. influential woman

While her husband holds the presidency of Liberia from 1997 to 2003, Jewel Howard-Taylor holds several official positions. In fact, she is appointed Deputy Governor of the Liberian Central Bank, President of the Agricultural Development Cooperative Bank, but is also a consultant to her husband.


3. Rejecting any complicity with her husband

While in the United States, during the first Liberian Civil War, Jewel Howard rejected any responsibility for the crimes committed by her husband. In 2012, he was sentenced to 50 years in prison.



4. Woman full of ambition

Since her election in 2005, Jewel Howard has built herself as a powerful woman. It has become a weight on the Liberian political scene. In 2012, she ran for the presidency of the Senate, which she missed with one vote. Then, in 2015, she announced her intention to run for president, before retracting.



Jewel Howard is a graduate of economics in Liberia and a specialist in the banking sector at the University of Liberia, as well as part of her studies in the United States.


6.Prohibited projects

This woman has also made a name for herself in her country for her controversial projects. Among these are: a bill to make homosexuality punishable by death, the increase in senators’ salaries, already set at $ 12,000, and a bill to declare that Liberia was a Christian country.


7. Great ally of George Weah

Jewel Howard is a senator from Bong County, the third most populous country in the country. Thus it allowed George Weah to win 70% of the votes of this county in the center of the country in the second round of the presidential election. Already partners for the presidential election, it is no surprise that George Weah announced their alliance making Jewel Howard the vice president of Liberia.


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