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Let’s Return Them To Their Pig House; Outrage Over Assault By African Man In Italy

Some Italians have taken to Facebook to lament over Nigerians and other Africans who are finding it difficult to abide by the rules in their country (Italy). The outrage by the Italians followed after an African migrant assaulted a lady yesterday after she asked him for his ticket at a metro station in Rome, the country’s capital city.


According to reports, the female transport official stopped the African immigrant and asked him for his ticket only for the man to pushed her heavily to the ground and gave her minor injuries.

After pushing her, the man fled but was later arrested by plain-clothed officers in the area who used taser on the suspect after an alarm was raised.

This has increased the pressure on the government to provide transport staff with batons in order to tackle violent persons.


The report has sparked outrage among Italian Facebook users who have called on the government to take the Africans back to their ‘pig house’ while some said the immigrant should have been put down (shot dead), not tasered.


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