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“Let Us Fix The Headline For You,” – Twitter Users School CNN Over Ethiopian’s Safety Record, Reputation

Barely a week after Ethiopian Airlines publicly remonstrated with two U.S. media giants over what it said was misreporting on its operations, another media outfit ruffled Ethiopian’s feathers.

But it was not the airline that responded but its patrons on social networking platform Twitter who stood in defence of the airline – Africa’s most successful and profitable.

CNN Business published a story titled: “Ethiopian Airlines is a symbol of national pride. Now a disaster has put it under scrutiny,” but the problem was with a heading that CNNAfrica used in posting a tweet of the story.

“Ethiopian Airlines was a world-class brand with a great safety record until the flight ET302 crash put its reputation in jeopardy,” the statement said. That was the trigger for many people who slammed the sentence and strongly stood by the side of the airline.

Whiles some vouched for Ethiopia’s safety record and its reputation, others took a swipe at the assertion whiles others went as far as replace Ethiopian with U.S. plane maker Boeing in terms of safety and reputation.

The said tweet has received more comments that retweets and likes. We sample a number of the tweets. CNN has since added two tweets to the controversial earlier one. The first quoting an analyst on impact of Ethiopian and the other announcing times for one of its programs.



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