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Lenses Reduce 20% of Sugar in the Body – New Study Shows

Eating lentils would reduce the amount of sugar in the human body by 20%. Is not it great? so do not deprive yourself of it.

Indeed, Canadian researchers have conducted a study on the consumption of starches by humans. As a result of this research, they discovered good news for lens enthusiasts.

We know more or less the virtues of the consumption of lenses but we were far from suspecting its impact on the level of sugar in the body.


This is how it goes according to the researchers

A study was conducted on 24 different people with 3 varied meals. Some have consumed white rice and others rice mixed with lentils. The same process was then done with the potatoes.

All lens specialties had the same effect of reducing blood glucose levels. Legumes such as lentils slow down the absorption of sugar which avoids a too fast glycemic peak that often leads to poor management of sugar in the body.

Researchers at the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Science and Dan Ramdath of Agricultural and Agri Food in Canada, therefore, concluded that it is sufficient to mix meals with another portion of legumes such as lentils.

“Replacing half a serving of rice with one serving of lentils would reduce blood sugar by 20 per cent. By doing the same thing with potatoes the blood glucose level is lowered by 35%, “explain the scientists in the study.

For better health, eat a lot of starchy foods and especially lentils for people with diabetes.


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