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Legislative in Togo: Read the Thought-provoking Open Letter from a Togolese Diaspora to President Faure Gnassingbé

Since its inception, the Togolese socio-political crisis has more than ever attracted the attention of the Togolese diaspora. Whether in the sub-region, in Europe, in Germany or in America, the sons and daughters of the land of our ancestors have constantly expressed their will and determination to see their country free. Demonstrations after demonstrations, have never seen the diaspora also committed to a way out of the crisis in Togo. Among these valiant, is the brother journalist Edem Assignon who, through an open letter, invites the President of the Togolese Republic to bang on the table to stop everything in the name of peace and love of Togo.

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Legislative of December 20, 2018: 
And if we stopped everything for the sake of Togo and our children!


Excellency Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE, President of our beloved country, Togo. I do not know if you will read this open letter personally. You certainly have a busy schedule. I dare to believe, however, that its content will reach you in any form whatsoever. 
Dear President, fate has made you despite your young age, the first Togolese with all the decision-making powers for the development and development of our beautiful country. Since 2005, therefore, you preside over the destinies of Togo and there is no need here to take stock of your governance. I recognize progress in several sectors of Togo’s socio-economic and political life.
The citizens’ initiative to seize you through this open letter follows a scary statement that seems to engage us all before our children and history. We can not continue to hide our face on the 56,600 sq km that our ancestors have defended dearly at the price of their blood and their lives. Mr. President, Togo is bad. Our country is doing very badly for several years. And this evil is called alternation.
This thirst for alternation almost weekly pushes thousands of our fellow citizens on the streets. It crystallizes anger at the stifling freedoms of a people who would like to be heard and understand its leaders. Remember, Mr President, it is this thirst for alternation that created the maelstrom of 2005, with enormous loss of life. I was like many, seduced by your speech of July 2007, pronounced from the top of the hills of the city of Atakpamé, epicenter of electoral violence. “Never again on the Earth of our ancestors! You had called to call Togolese from north to south, from east to west to reconciliation, justice and peace.
But, tell me, President Faure GNASSINGBE, do not you think that the same causes producing the same effects, our dear Togo is now running the risk of another electoral conflict of which no one can measure the extent?
Indeed, many of our fellow citizens are still struggling to dissociate your governance from the long reign of your father, Eyadéma GNASSINGBE. A situation that is a real traumatism for the majority of them. It can not be otherwise as they feel they know only your family at the head of Togo. Even worse, the Togolese see their purchasing power diminish, public health infrastructures deteriorate, the moral values ​​that have long been their pride, the future of their children wither away … Meanwhile, a small circle, “the pouting minority”, as you have publicly acknowledged, continues to abuse national wealth, to violate human rights, to destroy all hope of a youthful flourishing yet worthy.
So, Mr President, do you think that the legislative elections of December 20, 2018 will be the panacea to get our country out of the crisis? All signals are red. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the Episcopal Conference of Togo, the Evangelical Church, civil society … the vast majority of them claim the opposite: the prerequisites are not yet met for peaceful elections in Togo. Our sisters and brothers Sokodé, Kparatao, Mango … are sequestered, almost daily beaten, forced to go into exile to escape the many punitive expeditions that, according to several sources, impose on them elements of the Togolese Armed Forces (FAT). Are you sure, dear Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE that they will vote on December 20, 2018? And, the list of things to worry about is long. I’m not going to do more here because I’m sure you know them better than anyone.
Therefore, and for once, Excellency the President of the Republic, we stopped everything for the sake of Togo and our children? And if, in a national leap, you tap your fist on the table or overthrow it squarely to allow a new start on this Earth that we all cherish, you and us? It is true that some in your entourage put forward arguments of constitutional deadlines to justify this hurried vote. A fallacious argument, in my humble opinion, to the extent that no sacrifice can be greater when it comes to the future of our country. A political consensus goes beyond any Constitution.
So, thank you, President Faure Essozimna GNASSINGBE, there is still time to enter the history of our country through the front door. I believe in your ability to overcome differences for the common good. I want to look in the face and respond with dignity to my children or even my grandchildren tomorrow when they will challenge me: “What did you do to avoid the worst? ” 
Well, my dear children, I did not have great powers at the time, but from France, my land of welcome, I took my pen to warn the first Togolese of the danger that threatened the cohesion and national stability “.


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