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Legendary Roger Federer Spends $13.5 M on 81 Pre-schools in Impoverished Malawi

You may know Roger Federer as a very talented tennis player who recently became the second best tennis player after losing to only one player at the Wimbledon finals back in 2015. Now, thanks in part to his charity foundation, it’s possible Roger Federer has become number one in our hearts.

It was announced sometimes in the year that the Roger Federer Foundation has shelled out 13.5 million American dollars to open 81 schools in the rather poor Malawi, opening the opportunity to gain education for thousands of children that wouldn’t have that chance otherwise. It’s truly an amazing sight to see one man’s efforts go out to so many people in need. Especially when those people in need are children.

The Business Standard reports, “About 13.5 million USD have been invested into the project which Federer hopes would provide support to about 150,000 Malawian children by 2021.” What’s absolutely amazing about this is that Federer has also remained very humble about it, not asking for further press attention to remain on him but the practices themselves: “Federer, however, urged the politicians to lay more emphasis on early education of children, saying that the government of Malawi needs more efforts and more funds to improve the situation.” Children are, after all, the future. That’s the mantra. If we start with the children, then it’s very well possible that these unfortunate situations will start swelling to an end.

Africa is a very impoverished company overall. It’s fascinating that Federer has taken such a special interest in this part of the world. It’s amazing to think about what the world would be like if all athletes, celebrities, politicians and general citizens alike all banded together to help these countries in need. After all, it’s not the country themselves that are lacking resources that’s the problem: The problem is that the people suffer, most notably the kids. It’s an endless cycle. The parents are poor and uneducated and they raise these children without access to schools and books, and so those children grow up to be poor and uneducated with children of their own.

Without outside assistance from concerned philanthropists such as Federer, there wouldn’t be much hope for these countries. Perhaps we should all consider what we can do to contribute, and see just how far this world can go if we just band together as one.

With 15 programs running in Switzerland, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe already, The Roger Feder foundation has set the goal of changing the lives of one million children by 2018.


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