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Legendary Reggae Star Freddie McGregor Blasts Judge For Banning Rastafarian Child From School In Jamaica

Jamaican musician are known for standing for their rights and fighting for those of the oppressed through their songs and even physically. The aforementioned was solidified recently by legendary reggae star Fred MacGregor’s move to fault a judge who had infringed on the rights of a minor; a student at Kensington Primary School.

As the story goes, Jamaican supreme court judges on Friday, July 31, sparked debates after ruling a local school may bar a 7-year-old girl from attending classes because her parents declined to cut her dreadlocks. According to the ruling, the girl’s constitutional rights were not breached in 2018 when Kensington Primary’s then-principal told her parents to cut her hair to secure her place at the prestigious public school. The verdict angered many Jamaicans and other people across the world who condemned the justice system as well as the school. Among people who expressed their displeasure was none other than reggae musician Fred McGregor who strongly condemned and picked issue with the supreme court judges and the school for moves.

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In a long Facebook post, the musician said the judges disrespected the Jamaican culture by passing such a ruling on the minor. The star held that the court and the school were a disgrace to Jamaica for their ignorant action against the school kid. ”What a disgrace in this modern time in Jamaica, a judge banning a Rastafarian child from school. How do you dare ban a child from school in this 21st century. They need to know Rasta sweat and blood build Jamaica. Not under our dead body we are not going back to the Coral Gardens days. These days in Jamaica the sporting of dreadlocks or sisterlock hairstyle is very popular and is apart of our African culture.” he wrote. He went on to urge the supreme court judges who made the verdict to resign since they do not know their work.


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