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Legendary Didier Drogba’s iPhone 6 Surprises Fans in Ballon d’Or [Photos]

Social media are booming after discovering that retired footballer Didier Drogba was using an iphone 6.

Indeed, during the evening of delivery of the Golden Ball in Paris, gala in which the Ivorian legend was the master of ceremonies, he wanted to immortalize his meeting with Killian Mbappe. Didier Drogba has released his mobile phone, an iPhone 6 to do the selfie

Some online users are of the opinion that no one should feel compelled to own the latest iPhone, because “If Drogba, a multimillionaire” can still use an iPhone 6, no one should feel pressured.

When the iPhone 6 Didier Drogba creates the buzz on the web

Some reactions below; Aremex wrote;


“You see, you’re just going to kill yourself in this life if you do not work on your mentality. If an entire Drogba can use the iPhone 6 while he is multi-millionaire, you will trade a $ 50 iTunes card that will still use the iPhone 11 pro. The mentality is a gift o “

When the iPhone 6 Didier Drogba creates the buzz on the web

Aoejnr wrote;

“If Drogba, a successful person, uses the iPhone 6, do you need to bleed or kill yourself for the iPhone 11?”

Thereal Turner wrote;

“A multimillionaire like Drogba uses an iPhone 6 and you, even if you do not eat well, you want to buy an iPhone 11. Do not you see that your brain has fallen into a coma? Better to review the priorities. “

When the iPhone 6 Didier Drogba creates the buzz on the web

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