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This LeEco Smart Bike Has 4GB RAM, Runs On Android (Video)

The Chinese phone maker, LeEco, formerly known as Letv, has launched what you may call the first smart bike and they named it Le Super Bike. The LeEco smart bike is made with carbon fiber and titanium, and runs (or permit me to use ‘rides’) Android. Essentially, the bike has a smartphone built into the handle bars. The phone is a meagre 4incher’ and runs a special skin called BikeOS with bunch of useful features for the road.

LeEco Smart Bike runs on Android, has 4GB RAM, laser pointers, a heart rate sensor, and a built-in speaker and camera.

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This bike runs a version of Google’s Android software and if that was not enough, it also has laser pointers. Partly mountain bike and partly smartphone, this has a 4-inch display and has a fairly hefty 4GB of RAM. Nestled between the handlebars is what appears to be a small phone. The phone is running a special skin just for the bike. It allows you to do typical things like make calls and send texts, but the interesting features are linked into the bike. It’s great for getting directions, and every time you take a trip it’s recorded. Also, cuddled up in the handlebars is a heart rate sensor for more accurate fitness tracking on the move. It also has built in lights, a speaker, a camera and even a lock.


The LeEco Le Syvrac is already on sale in China and comes with three different spec levels, with prices starting from $800 to more than $6,000 for the all-carbon frame option. LeEco wants to bring its smart bike to the United States later this year, reports Digital Trends.

Watch the video:

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