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Leaving Your Children With Their Grandparents Can Be Dangerous – Study Shows

Do you usually leave children at their grandparents’ house? A very bad idea according to a health study.

Indeed, according to a study from the University of Glasgow, leaving your children with their grandparents could be bad for their health and may even increase their risk of cancer, warned these scientists.



According to researchers, grandmothers and grandfathers gave bad habits to small children, including too many sweets, not enough physical activity, passive smoking, and feed them with fatty food, reveals this study. . Which would cause an increase in cancers in toddlers

The grandparents do not hesitate to smoke in front of the children, exposing their young lungs to the smoke and they are inspired by this bad example.

“Of course it is obvious that it is involuntary on the part of the ancestors,” says Dr. Stephanie Chambers, author of the study.

These public health experts conducted a study in more than 18 countries and found that grandparents gave very bad habits to their grandchildren.

Overall, grandparents were found to have an adverse effect – despite their good intentions.


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