Learning From Fallen Leaders, These Are Noble Quotes For Aspiring Young Leaders

We just have to learn how leadership goes. Its not about you nor your selfish interest, leadership is basically, without doubt, about the interest of others.

Funny enough, Leadership has a way of claiming its rights from the ‘abusing leaders’. You may think its all good enjoying the euphoria that comes with it alone, but time always catches up to claim back the rights of the abused. Recent happenings in Zimbabwe drive home this point.

The Mugabes now join the African leaders that were forced to of power. Other African leaders should take their cue from this. If not their back doors are already opened and they sure would be forced to take the exit soon..but shamefully!

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Below are the quotes of Noble leaders..



  • Noble leaders choose wisdom over wealth, knowledge over fame, understanding over honour, virtue over titles, and people over power.
  • Oppress several, and you have several enemies. Oppress many, and you have many enemies. Help numerous, and you have numerous friends. Help countless, and you have countless friends.
  • The poor can dream. The weak can hope. The helpless can strive. The powerless can rise.
  • Lend your ears to the deaf, your eyes to the blind, your hands to the weak, your tongue to the mute, your mind to the perplexed, and your heart to the weary.
  • If you despise your people, you will disregard them. If you hate your people, you will harm them. If you esteem your people, you will serve them. If you love your people, you will even die for them.
  • The pen is mightier than the sword; it should never run out of ink.
  • Poverty is bad, but so is decadence. Tyranny is bad, but so is chaos. Injustice is bad, but so is godlessness.
  • There is no future for a nation without God, no hope for a ruler without understanding, no joy for a people without guidance, and no prosperity for the country without wisdom.
  • Lead rationally. Lead responsibly. Lead resiliently. Lead reliably.
  • A ruler who is loved is greater than a ruler who is feared.
  • The greatest leaders are the greatest servants.
  • If you have power, be just; wealth, be generous; knowledge, be wise; titles, be humble; and life, be grateful.
  • If you are too good to look after God’s trash, you are not good enough to look after God’s treasure.
  • Good leaders are intelligent; great leaders are wise. Good leaders are bold; great leaders are fearless. Good leaders are artful; great leaders are kind. Good leaders are warriors; great leaders are servants. Good leaders are managers; great leaders are innovators.
  • Ordinary leaders move mounds, great leaders move hills, but extraordinary leaders move mountains.

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