Laurent Gbagbo Trial: After General Mangou, Another Senior Officer Will Testify

After the testimony of General Philippe Mangou, last month, in the trial of the former Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo, another former military executive will make his contribution this week. This is General Firmin Detoh Letho.



This former Saint-Cyrien, who was under the command of Laurent Gbagbo, commander of the Ivorian ground forces, will also have to bring his version about the deadly events of 2010-2011 that followed the 2010 elections.

General Detoh Letho, who was the first officer in the regular army to swear allegiance to President Ouattara’s camp, will surely be questioned about the role played by regular Ivorian troops in firing the march against the RTI. Ouattara or the bombing of the Siaka Koné market in Abobo.

As such, if the testimony of General Mangou did not establish clearly who were the ordering parties for bombing or shooting at the crowd, General Detoh Letho may be more specific, depending on the debates led by the prosecutor, then the defense of the two accused.


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