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Latest Ranking of the Top 11 Wealthiest African Countries According to AfDB

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has released its ranking of countries on the African continent based on gross domestic product (GDP). A ranking that shows the good health of some countries, the stabilization of other GDP and a worrying situation for a third category that is at the bottom of the ranking.

Togo is in a position not quite lamentable on the continent. The country is 40th out of the fifty-four (54) countries on the continent with a GDP of $ 4.4 (US $ 578 per capita). For some observers despite this place, the country has work to do especially to raise the standard of living of the people.

On the African level, it is Nigeria that takes first place. The giant of West Africa, is the first of the continent with a GDP of $ 404 $ 404.65 billion (2176 US $ per inhabitant). Egypt, with a GDP of $ 332.79 billion (US $ 3478 per capita) wins second place on the podium.

AfDB has taken care to mention in the 216-page document entitled “Economic Outlook for Africa 2018”, macroeconomic developments and structural changes at the country level.


For example, African countries with natural resources were considered richer countries. Algeria ranks 4th in this ranking, with GDP equivalent to almost $ 160 billion (GDP per capita is in the order of $ 3917). This makes it one of the richest countries in Africa. Morocco comes in 5th position with 104 billion dollars (2832 dollars per inhabitant), Tunisia is ranked 12th with a GDP equal to 42 billions of dollars ($ 3689 per capita).

Ranked 11th, Ghana has a GDP of $ 42.69 billion (US $ 1515 per capita). Côte d’Ivoire is 13th with a GDP of $ 36.37 billion (US $ 1335 per capita). Burkina Faso is 25th with a GDP of $ 11.69 billion (US $ 627 per capita). Comes at the 32nd position, Benin with a GDP of $ 8.58 billion (US $ 789 per capita).

At the bottom of the rankings, things are not going well for Sao Tome and Principe. The country occupies the last place on the African continent. This with a GDP of $ 342.78 million (US $ 1715 per capita).


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