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Las Vegas Mass Shooting: Identity Of The Shooter Revealed, Here Are 5 Other Things You Should Know About The Killer

The shooter’s name is Stephen Craig Paddock, a 64-year-old white male from Mesquite, Nevada.

The shooting which started on Sunday night and continued into the wee hours of Monday morning is said to be the deadliest in American history.

Identity of Las Vegas shooter revealed as his brother says family is "dumbfounded"

Paddock had lived on Babbling Brook Court in Mesquite, Nevada, since June 2016. He previously lived in Reno, Nevada, from 2011 to 2016, and also had an address in

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino was shut down on Monday as activities at the hotel were halted.

Stephen engaged the police in a shoot out and eventually killed himself.

Here are top 5 interesting discoveries of the dreaded killer. 

1.  A Wealthy Gambler

Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock was a retired accountant and a real estate investor who was only noticed by his affluence. Report said his last full time job as an accountant was 3 decades ago. Investigations following the Las Vegas mass shooting revealed that he largely kept to himself and had no criminal or violent record.

What is known is that he gambled on a grand scale. His brother, Eric Paddock who says he is still in shock over the recent development described his brother as “a wealthy guy, playing video poker, who went cruising all the time and lived in a hotel room”.

2. Possessed Multiple Weapons

At his death, the police gained entrance into his hotel room. They found several kinds of guns and ammunition.

According to Clark County Assistant Sheriff, Todd Fasulo, 23 guns were found in his hotel room while another 19 guns were also found in his home in Mesquite, Nevada.

He also said explosives, electronic devices and several rounds of ammunition were found alongside the firearms in his abode.


An official suggests that at least one rifle was altered to function as an automatic weapon.

3. ISIS Claims Responsibility For The Attack

Contradicting what was known and perceived of the deceased shooter, ISIS has claimed the attack, addressing him as their soldier.

Regardless of their claim, there is still no evidence that Stephen Paddock had any affiliation with the terrorist group. His relatives said he was not one to be involved or entangled in political ideologies or radical beliefs.

The FBI is still digging into his profile to arrive at a possible motive for the massacre.

4. Son Of A Bank Robber

Stephen Paddock

For someone who chronically withdraws into himself, Stephen Paddock though unconfirmed may have nursed a sort of mental distress or imbalance.

Past records revealed that the shooter possibly shared a similar criminal and psychopathic tendency with his father.

His father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock happens to be a serial bank robber who was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. Later he broke out of the La Tuna federal prison in Texas in 1968 and then became a used-car dealer and bingo parlor operator in Oregon. The law caught up with him in 1978 but was released on parole before his death in 1998.

Stephen’s father was one of the most wanted criminals in the 70s.

Together with his 3 mothers, Stephen Paddock was raised by their mother. They moved from Iowa to Tucson to Southern California

5. Issue Of Gun Control

According to Sheriff Lombardo  Stephen Paddock had brought at least 10 suitcases into his hotel room over a period of time.

Also Chris Michel, owner of Dixie GunWorx, in St. George, Utah, recalled selling a shotgun to the gunman earlier in the year.

It is worthy to mention that being in possession of fire arms in America is only criminal when it is not legally done. Stephen legally acquired his own.

Before he left the White House, Barack Obama, had stressed the dire urgency of implementing gun control policies. The latest Las Vegas massacre has once again stressed the need for it.

Statistics have it that America has the most increasing rate of gun violence in the world causing the deaths of many people in the past years.


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