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Lance Wallnau – President Trump Is God’s Way Of Pressing “Pause” On America’s Destruction!!

Preacher Lance Wallnau, who has said Donald Trump is protecting us from the Antichrist and can’t be impeached because God would never let that happen, now says Trump’s election was just God pressing the “Pause” button on America’s destruction.


… “We’re literally at a time where God said, ‘The church isn’t ready yet’ and, boom, hit the clock and stopped [the countdown to destruction]. Trump’s election was what you would call a disruption of the global world order — I’m talking European principalities and powers all the way through the Middle East, all the way to China, at every level of second heaven where Satan has a hierarchy, Trump literally became the world event that interrupted principalities.

“You need to understand that God put a pause button on the destruction of America” with Trump’s election, Wallnau explained.

Just because everyone is paying attention to Trump doesn’t mean everything is good. People will stare at you whether you’re the most attractive person in the room or your fly is wide open. And Wallnau wrongly thinks Trump is beautiful.



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