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Lamar Odom: Glittering Revelations From His Daughter About Her Relationship With Khloe Kardashian!!


Relations between Khloé Kardashan and the Odom family still seem to be strained. Since the Las Vegas incident that could have cost Lamar Odom his daughter. Destiny has finally agreed to express herself in the columns of the American magazine People.

“The bullshit started when he married Khloe”

The daughter of the former basketball player did not spare her former mother-in-law Khloe Kardashian, whom she accuses of being literally ” toxic “. Destiny Odom did not conceal his very tense relationship with Kim Kardashian’s sister, right from the beginning of his relationship with his father in 2009. ” I was thinking, we will try to see what it’s going to give  ” explains Destiny on His first impression at the arrival of Khloe.
Some time later, Destiny may have been right in thinking that Khloe was not the right one for his father. ” The bullshit started when he married Khloe,” assures Destiny Odom.

The girl explains that ” Things changed when my father married Khloe. Everything has become much more public. When your father plays in the NBA, it’s already pretty good, but when he gets married to a reality star, everything gets so observed that you no longer have any privacy.


While Lamar Odom was going through the ordeals, he would have needed to refocus a little more. Even though Khloe Kardashian was at his convalescence, his attentions and solicitude did not fail to worry and surprise Destiny: ” Many people in our circle of loved ones were lost: theirrelationship is very toxic. “, A revelation that had the effect of a bomb and which confirms the multiple crises of Lamar due to the excessive consumption of narcotics.

“My father is better since Khloe’s departure”

According to Destiny Odom, his dad is much better since he is no longer a couple with Khloe. A way for her to try to rehabilitate her father, regularly criticized in the reality show of Khloé Kardashian where she gives him the wrong role.

The young woman admits that she ”  regrets that Khloe Kardashian took advantage of Lamar Odom’s weaknesses and his attractiveness for light (light skin), to exert a real psychological pressure on him.



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