Lady Diana: Prince Harry Defends His Mother’s Rival

It’s been 21 years since Lady Diana died in a car accident in Paris. This weekend, his youngest son Prince Harry made revelations that may not have been to his liking.

On the occasion of a new biography entitled “Harry, Conversations with the Prince”, he lifted a corner of the veil on his private life. In 1997, his mother, Lady Diana, had an unhappy relationship with her father, Prince Charles, and that was no secret.

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Now, Prince Harry has indicated that he has a very good relationship with the one who ruined his mother’s marriage, for being his rival. Indeed, he admits that Camilla Parker Bowles is a “wonderful” person, far from what opinion thinks about him.


“To be honest, she has always been very close to William and me. She’s not a bad mother-in-law. Look at what position she ended up in. Do not be sorry for me, be sorry for her. She is a wonderful woman, she made our father very happy, which is the most important. William and I love him a lot, “he said in the book.

Yet Queen Elizabeth II would not say that much. Because, the sovereign has not appreciated the scandal of deception and would be cold with Camilla.

This is what we learn in the book “Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion Years Defiance of Prince Charles” where we read that the Queen would not have “accepted adultery or the fact that Camilla does not do not leave Charles alone to allow him to arrange his marriage. “



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