Ladies! See Smart Shoes That Changes Colors To Match Your Outfits(Photo)

Ladies, it would be nice to have a pair of shoes that matches all your outfits right? Check out these new smart shoes

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The Volvorii, a high-heeled feminine smart shoe, designed by iShuu Technologies to quench your taste for a fashionable, flashy, yet smart wear.

According to its maker, the Volvorii’s colours and design patterns can be changed to match the user’s outfits via a smartphone app.
In addition to its ability to change colours, there are other hidden capabilities to be unlocked by the user of the Volvorii smart shoe, the maker says.
Made of leather and rubber, each pair is outfitted with a hidden circuit board that houses Bluetooth and battery component of the Volvorii smart shoe.

It uses a flexible, low power e-paper display to adorn the shoes and there’s a Bluetooth LE module hidden in the heel to connect up to your iPhone or Android for switching patterns.

The battery should last between two to six months and the shoes can charge wirelessly with a charger included in the box.

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