Ladies, Never Do These Things to Your Breasts!

The breasts are probably the most attractive part of the female body and one of the most sensitive organs which need to be carefully treated as they are prone to damage. Therefore, if you want to take good care of your breasts, and avoid potential damage, be sure to follow these couple of advice:

  • A small bra

A lot of women think that it looks sexier wearing a bra which is 1 or 2 numbers smaller than the adequate size. Nonetheless, this is not recommendable as you are actually causing serious discomfort and possible damage of the breasts.


  • Not wearing a bra while running

A lot of women feel a lot freer when they don’t wear a bra while running. However, this can cause serious problems for the connective tissue in the breasts.



  • Clutching chest

The breasts must never be punched roughly or harshly treated in any other way as they can get damaged easily.

  • Warts removal

Hairs around the nipple area are a common notion in women, so a lot of them remove them on a regular basis. Nonetheless, if you tend to remove these hairs very often, there is a risk of the hairs becoming thicker and more visible in the future, as well risk of serious inflammations.


  • Pinching

Very often, when people are intimate, they practice nipple pinching. However, this could sometimes have serious consequences.


  • Nipple piercings

Breaking the nipples in order to put a piercing doesn’t only look dangerous, but it is, as it can cause severe pneumonia!



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