Ladies, What to do When Marriage Hits Rock Bottom

For every one woman who is convicted of plotting to kill her husband or boyfriend, love complications rather than money is the issue at the heart of the matter. In addition, there are many other stable families far much richer and far much happier than the cases that we have been treated to. So what is the issue here really?

Female killers

I hear you shouting about respect. But we men have always respected our women. You cannot fall in love with someone you do not want to be associated with; therefore by extension respect is in the mix. But still female killers appear to be sprouting at every street corner.

The other day I asked my pal, a sociologist at a local university, to unravel this mystery and he says women have been around and competed with their male counterparts on every aspect. In careers women are giving their male counterparts a run for their money; the women have gotten jobs in high-ranking corporate scenes both at private and public sectors.

What remains, according my pal, is for the women to challenge the God given patriarchal arrangement in our society. The savage attack to the patriarchal system has been bombarded over time by women. When they call you to tell you that they have missed their period and you are now an accidental father, that is perpetrating terror.

Assault on patriarchy

When you date a woman for three months and she spends the next three years stalking you online and offline that is a woman’s rejection of patriarchal rules.

When you want to go out for a drink with the boys and she insists she wants to come along. That is nonsense. Doesn’t she have hair; she can go plait her hair. If she cuts her hair clean like me, doesn’t she have nails she can work on, or she grooms her nails by chewing them off the finger like me?

That is another set of assault at patriarchal system. Men should be allowed, trusted and left to make the good decisions not just for themselves but for the women in their lives.

Any other arrangement including conspiring to kill your spouses in an affront to the liberties of the patriarchal system and its only designed to take us back to the dark days of matriarchal rule.


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