Ladies, It Might Be Time To Walk Away If Your Man Starts Showing These Acts

Imagine this scenario: Your relationship is going great, and you’re happy. All of a sudden, your man starts to act cold and distant. Classic way men act when they’re done with a relationship. Instead of outrightly telling you that they’re done with the relationship, they give you signals that you can decide to take or not. If your boyfriend starts giving you mixed signals, it probably means he wants a breakup.

1. He stops calling you
If you used to talk on the phone every day, and he stops calling you, that’s a red flag. He might come up with the ‘I’m busy’ excuse when you call and promise to call you back. He’s definitely not going to call you. Sit him down and ask him what the real problem is.


2. He does not reply texts
If he’s constantly leaving your texts on ‘read’, giving you blue ticks on WhatsApp and stops sending you ‘good morning’ texts like he used to when Y’all started dating. He does this because he knows this is the fastest way to piss you off and you’re likely to walk away.

3. He’ll flirt with other women in front of you
At this point, he’s desperate for you to pick a fight with him so he’s going to do anything to make that happen.

4. He’ll stop taking you out on dates
He has no desire to be seen in public with you. He’ll constantly cancel plans or refuse to ask you on dates.

5. Constant Arguments
They will pick fights with you in the hope that it becomes a huge deal and leads to a breakup.#

6. Personal attacks
This is a really mean trick some men resort to. They tear you down and try to make you feel bad about yourself.

Ladies, you have been warned. Once you see these signs, it might be time to leave.


Written by How Africa News

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