Ladies, Here are 5 Questions to Ask Him Before Getting Committed

So you have met the guy of your dreams. Ticks all your boxes right! Tall, dark, handsome and makes you smile to yourself when no one is looking.

He seems to like you and you are obviously swooning. But just before you say yes! Let’s be exclusive. Take in these five Questions that will stop you from putting up those sad memes on Instagram in the next few months.

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1. Why does he want to be committed?

Look out! Reasons may vary from easy and exclusive access to the cookie jar or he actually does see something serious about you that he wants for keeps. Whichever the case, see if it makes sense to you or run!

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2. Goals:

This is where you find out if he is serious about his life and has a plan for the future.  A man who has a goal and is working towards achieving it will have a definite answer to give you, start by asking him about where he sees himself in five years time.

3. How would you describe me to someone who doesn’t know me?

This question is best asked playfully yet seriously. This would make it seem less as a job interview to him but in actual fact, that is what it is. Listen to his response, it would tell you exactly what he thinks about you and what he finds to be your most outstanding quality. Yet again, he might have no clue!


4. What are his views on relationships?

Now we don’t mean just the lovey dovey kind of relationships you both are delving into. A relationship is the bedrock of a society, first try to find out about his relationship with his family and views about family, relationship psychologists opines that a guy would not treat you too differently from the way he treats his family.

Finally his relationship with God, a man who loves God will know how to take good care of his family.

5. Does he profess his love for you?: If after dating a man for awhile and he still introduces you by your name, for example, he introduces you to his friends as “meet Jennifer “ and not “meet my girlfriend Jennifer “ . in his heart you are just Jennifer his friend ,because a man that loves you will want the world to know that you are his woman  and he will treat you with respect.

Before you take that bold step,  it’s not just the answers he gives but the way he answers these causal questions. They can tell you quite a bit about the person you’re getting exclusive with.



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