Ladies! These Are The Early Signs of Breast Cancer You Should Consider!

There are cases where regular mammography screening finds most breast cancers at an early stage, but not all cases are found through it. This is the reason why you need to learn how to recognize the warning signs.

The change in the look or feel of the breast or the nipple is one of the earliest signs of breast cancer. In a case you notice changes on your breasts on nipples you should first consult with a doctor, because not all changes mean that you are suffering from cancer.

Another symptom of breast cancer is a pain in the breast. This symptom is more commonly associated with benign breast conditions. Lumps in the breasts are usually not a big cause of concern, but if the lump is harder or it feels different from the rest of the breast tissue it should not be ignored as it might be a sign of breast cancer. The lump may be a sign of breast cancer or some benign condition. If you notice a lump that was not there before, you should visit your doctor.


Even though it may end up being something completely benign, you will be more relaxed after getting the symptom checked. In a case you had a benign lump in the past, you should not assume that a new lump is also benign. It could be an indication of breast cancer.

Nipple discharge is a problem, but rarely a sign of breast cancer. A liquid discharge is your body’s natural reaction to your breast being squeezed. But, if the discharge occurs without squeezing, occurs in only one breast or is bloody or completely clear, it could also indicate a serious condition.

Nipple discharge can also be due to infections or other conditions, and that is why you need to visit a doctor after noticing the symptom.


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