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Ladies, Discover the Dangers of Artificial Eyelashes According to an African Doctor

A Nigerian doctor named Ayopo Adeyemi warned women on Sunday against the use of artificial eyelashes, commonly used to improve beauty, given its serious consequences.

Adeyemi told the Nigeria News Agency (NAN) in Lagos that the health consequences of false eyelashes include abrasions or corneal ulcers, natural eyelash damage and eye sensitivity.

The expert adds that the installation of artificial eyelashes has become an increasingly popular trend in the world of fashion because most women, regardless of health risks, seek perfection and glamor.

According to Adeyemi, natural eyelashes have their natural way of preventing dirt, sweat, bacteria and other foreign matter from entering the eye by trapping and preventing anything that comes close to it.


But the specialist at Mushin General Hospital in Lagos said the false eyelashes may also contain dirt, causing different forms of allergies and infections.

The use of harmful chemicals on the eyelashes can make them fall faster than they would naturally and it is also dangerous when the tools to use come close to the eye.

Artificial eyelashes can cause trauma to the eye either through glue and other materials used or non-professional operators; there could be introduction of microbes into the eye, causing conjunctivitis of all types.

The eyelashes themselves can cause the trapping of allergic conjunctivitis and the retention of dirt around the eye

she explained.

Adeyemi advised women to minimize the rate at which they fix the false eyelashes if they must maintain healthy natural eyelashes.


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