Ladies: 8 Things You Do That Men Find Irresistible

Women always have a way of getting the attention of men.

Just watching an attractive woman or a group of women having fun or doing something always catches a guy’s attention no matter where he is. But what are some of the “accidentally” sexy behaviors women display that arouses us instantly and makes us helpless?

Here are 8 answers that really ring true to us.

1. Flipping their hair

This is probably the most deliberate and seductive gesture on this list and it’s also indicative of how much she wants your attention. Without fail, they’ll giggle, twirl their hair and break eye contact. It’s a cute and endearing gesture of women that is known to entice men and it works every time.

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2. Biting their lips

The famous lip bite is that one unconscious gesture that can easily make our hearts melt. They’ll ever so slightly grab a hold of their lower lip just enough to suggestively put thoughts in your head on what they can do with that lip.

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3. Having a sexy strut

The way they sway and move their bodies while walking can definitely turn a man on. In heels? Even better!

4.The flash of skin

Every guy knows he needs to look away if a woman accidentally shows off more than she intends to but the unexpected sight of a little of skin is often too sexy for us to look away.

5. Having an irresistible voice

Many men have fallen for women who weren’t beautiful by classic standards but who drew them in with the sound of their tantalizing voice.

6. Confidently showing cleavage

We love women that don’t let the girls hang all the way out, but don’t keep them completely covered either.

7. Wearing curve-hugging jeans

We think all guys can agree that jeans that fits a woman’s booty to a tee and accentuates her curves are a beautiful sight to behold.

8. Wearing our clothes

Few sights make us go weak in the knees, like that of a woman disappearing into one of our shirts. Seeing a woman wearing our shirts is just indescribably sexy.


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