Ladies, Here Are 10 Sweet Words Every Guy Loves to Hear

If you do a search on the web for things that women love to hear, you will find millions of suggestions, but if you do the same for what men loved to hear, the results are a bit sparse, to say the least. Perhaps that’s because men aren’t quite so keen to come forward and say what they want to hear from their girlfriends. We think that it’s a bit unfair, because men need to know they are loved and appreciated, even if they won’t admit it. So, to redress the balance a bit, here are ten things that we are sure that every guy would to love to hear.

1. “I don’t know what I’d do without you”

Every guy needs to know that he is needed, even it is only to unscrew a tight top on a jar. Knowing that there are some things that you couldn’t do without his help will boost his ego and let him know that you need him to be around.

2. “You look amazing tonight”

Men may not pay so much attention to their looks as girls do, but when they have made an effort they love to know that you’ve noticed. Whether you tell him that he looks really handsome in a tux, or you ask him if he’s been working out, complimenting his looks will always go down well. It’s another one of those strange things about men. They won’t admit that they spent hours getting ready, but they really do hope that someone notices how good they look.

3. “Thank you so much for fixing that shelf”

Just saying thank you and commenting on what a good job he has done will mean a lot to a man. Show him your appreciation of what he does around the home, and he will feel more loved and more wanted. Telling him when he does a good job will also spur him on to do more things for you. After all, none of us likes putting a lot of effort into something for no reward or recognition at all.

4. “I’m so proud of you”

There have been a number of studies into men that have found that most guys think that being respected is even more important to them than feeling loved. Now, that might sound a bit old-fashioned to many people, but who are we to argue with the experts! Resect is certainly important for a man, though, so tell him how proud of him and of his achievements you are and he will love it.

5. “You are so manly”


All guys like to know that you appreciate their masculinity. Whether they are physically strong, or mentally strong, strength is a very important word for a man. Give your man a major confidence boost and tell how much you need his strength; he will love the fact that you appreciate him being a man.

6. “I would follow you anywhere”

A lot of men like to be thought of as leaders, so telling him that you trust his judgement and allowing him to take the lead will make him feel great. Tell him that his advice has never let you down, or that you have every faith in the decision that he makes. Whether it’s in their genes or it’s something that men learn, who knows, but they still like to be thought of as the leader of the pack.

7. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Words that men love to hear are not all about stroking a man’s ego; sometimes they just need a bit of loving and some attention too. Men are not always very good at opening about things that are troubling them and sometimes they will need promoting before they do. If you think something is on your man’s mind, open the door for him to be able to talk about it. If you don’t give him the invitation to talk, he may just keep to himself and bottle it up.

8. “Let’s have an early night”

Men also love it when their girlfriend or wife is the one to make the first move. If you are the one who turns the conversation to the bedroom, that will tick all the boxes of needing him, appreciating him, finding him sexy, and more.

9. “I’ll get that for you”

Helping him out when he’s busy is a great way to show him that you are a team and that you understand that he works hard. It could be making him a cup of coffee when he works late at home, or answering the phone went he’s tied up with something else.  It’s a great way to show him that he’s not alone and it will also encourage him to do more for you.

10. “You are my one and only true love”

Respect and trust are all well and good, but a man needs you to love him too. Tell him that you love him and that he’s the only one for you. Sometimes you can get so comfortable in a relationship that you forget to say these simple things. Don’t leave it to chance, tell him that you love him, and tell him today.



Written by How Africa

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