Ladies, These Are 10 Alarming Signs That Your Man is a Player, Not a Keeper

Although relationships are really blissful, they can sometimes become toxic especially if one partner is insincere about the whole deal.

One of the worst scenarios in life: you really fall in love with a man, and you want it to escalate into a serious relation­ship. However, unfortunately, he does not. In reality, he is entirely opposed to it. Why, because he is a player – and you are not the only gal he is playing with. Well, it is re­ally tough. Thus, acknowledging the alarming signs he is a player will be helpful for you before you begin to develop too deep of emo­tions and feelings in that relation­ship. Find out top signs he is a player below!
You may not be happy about your relationship, and you do not trust your boyfriend. It has hap­pened to everyone. There comes a phase where we are confused if the boy we are dating with is a keeper or a player. You do not know ex­actly and you do not want to leave him without any solid proof. So how do you know if your boy­friend is a player? What are the alarming signs he is a player? I have made up a list of signs he is a player in order to help you know for sure.
1. He talks about s*x regularly
Talking about sex may be sweet and you also like it. However, if talking about sex is the only thing he talks all the time, it may be ir­ritating. In case he often shows off a lot about how many girls he has dated with before you, or how many girls he has slept with before you, he is surely a player. Run away from him as soon as possible.
2. He shows you off in front of friends
A keeper always introduces you to the friends with the respect. He will be proud of finding you and tell them how lucky he is. On the contrary, a player will show you off as a valued object of interest to his friends. He will introduce you to his friend with the pride and say something like” Is not my girl­friend a bomb-shell?” I guess that you want a guy who loves you and respects you, not who is haunted by your figure. Now, it is the right time for you to break up.
3. He has a secured social me­dia profile
It is okay when some people want to get the privacy. However, in case your guy hesitates to go on­line or read his notification mes­sages in front of you, or even he has locked his social media profile from you, there is surely some­thing fishy. Let’s think over before you trust him.
4. He follows some girls on so­cial media network
You know that he is following some hot girls on social media network, he is definitely suspect. No guy wastes his time scrolling through girls’ photos if he is not trying or hoping to get some­thing with her. He should spend this time on photos of you, his girlfriend, not some hot girls who would not give him the time of day. He is really scrummy. You should move on.
5. He has a bad reputation
When you hear something bad about a guy who you are going out with, believe them. If someone who knows your guy well is telling you that he is a bad person, it may be as he is.
They are not trying to feed you this bad information as they are jealous. They may want you to get happiness. They may know this guy is a player and they want to warn you about your guy’s true color. Therefore, you do not get hurt, learn how to accept the truth and move on.
6. He does not share his life with You
When a guy is falling in love with you, he will want to share all of his life about the ups and downs with you. This is because he wants to get your attention, your love as well as your support.
However, in case your guy who you are dating does not open up to you. He often tells you different stories about his past whenever the topic comes up. He always talks to you like the way he is flirt­ing, perhaps, he is not really inter­ested in you and is playing with you. A player does not want to tell you anything that could go against him. Thus, an advice for you is that you should know everything about a guy prior to dating him.
7. He hides his mobile phone from you
A real relationship is built on faith and trust. Mobile phones and social media network accounts are not important when you are truly loving someone. A keeper will have nothing to hide from his girlfriend.
In case your guy is very weird about his phone and his social network accounts, he texts some­one when you are not around, and he stays away from you to answer some important phone calls. He never gives you his phone and then gets disappointed with you for accusing him of cheating. He probably is a real cheater.
8. He does not want to meet your friends
In case your guy who you are seeing never wants to have a meet­ing with your friends, it probably is because he does not want to get a serious relationship with you. In case he does not want you to see his friends, there may be the same reason. He also worries that his friends may tell you something about the other girls who he is dating. Whether he had someone else or not, if two of you have been together for a long time and he has never wanted to meet your friends or have you met his friends, it may be a red flag.
In case he does not want to be a big part of your life, it is because he does not want to make a rela­tionship too serious. That said, in case you rush him into seeing your family and your friends after just a couple of dating weeks, you may be too fast. He may have reasons for taking everything slow, like wanting to give his friends a little time to be used to him having a new girlfriend as he recently end­ed up a serious relationship.
9. He bails on you
When he really loves you, he will cherish every moment that he spends on being with you. He knows that your time is valuable, so he always tries to spend much time with you and never says no to being with you.
However, in case your guy al­ways misses out or cancels a lot of plans with you, or bails on you at the last minute, it may be be­cause he had another girl to meet who were more important than you. If you hear him tell you that he is too busy and does not have 10 free minutes for anybody, and then you hear that he had a night out with his friends, then this is a sign he is a player. The fact is that if he really wants to be with you, he will find the time. If he really cares for you, he will be honest instead of lying. Thus, in case you find out that he is spending his precious time with other people, it may be a cause for concern. Canceling plans is not a big deal as everyone is now busy, but if it happens every other day, you are undoubtedly being played on.
10. He always complains
One of the common signs he is a player is that he always com­plains. A guy who truly loves you tends to miss out how you smell and how you look, he loves you for who you are, not for the makeup you can wear for him. However, in case your guy complains a lot. Even when you are looking good, he still says you could be better, and every effort you make is likely to go to waste. Your feelings will end up with hurt in the end as he is probably a player.

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