Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn Opposes PM Boris Johnson’s New Brexit Deal


U.K. opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has told parliament that the new Brexit deal on which lawmakers will vote on later on Saturday risks jobs, rights, the environment and health service.

The Labour Party leader told the U.K. House of Commons that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deal is worse that the one it replaces, and that it should be rejected.


Corbyn said the deal removes protection for workers’ rights and environment, and only lays out empty promises.

In response, PM Johnson said workers’ rights in the U.K. will “never be inferior” to those in the E.U.

While calling on the lawmakers to vote for the deal, he said it could heal the rift in British politics and unite warring factions.

He also said that the new deal would “take back control” of Britain’s borders, fishing and trade and preserve the gains of the Good Friday agreement that helped end violence in Northern Ireland.

The vote is scheduled for later on Saturday.


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