Kyle Rittenhouse Pleads Not Guilty To Killing Of Two Wisconsin Protesters


Wisconsin, after the police shooting of Jacob Blake pleaded not guilty.


Kyle Rittenhouse, now 18, of Antioch, appeared virtually with his attorney on Tuesday afternoon, January 5, for a court arraignment.



Rittenhouse, 17, claims he acted in self-defense.


Prosecutors said Rittenhouse, left his home in Antioch, Illinois, and traveled to Kenosha after learning of a call to protect businesses after Blake, a Black man, was shot seven times in the back Aug. 23 and left paralyzed.



During the protest on Aug. 25, 2020 , he shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and injured Gaige Grosskreutz.



He was charged with five felonies, including first-degree reckless homicide with a dangerous weapon, two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety with a dangerous weapon, first-degree intentional homicide with a dangerous weapon, and attempted first-degree intentional homicide with a dangerous weapon.


Kyle was also charged with possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under the age of 18 and violating Kenosha’s curfew.


If convicted, Rittenhouse faces up to life in prison.


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