KweseTv entrance into Zimbabwe blocked by state regulator, Strive Masiyiwa

Kwese TV has finally gone live in many African countries excluding Zimbabwe as part of the company’s first phase.

Rwanda, Zambia and Ghana are the first to view Kwesé TV with Botswana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda lined up as the next countries where the service will be launched. It’s set to be introduced in 18 countries across Africa by June 2017.

Unfortunately, Zimbabwe wasn’t part of the first phase and looking at the lineup it’s not part of the second one either, something that will probably frustrate citizens here considering the close ties that Kwesé TV has with our country.


Responding to a question regarding Kwesé TV’s absence in Zimbabwe which was posted on his Facebook page, Strive Masiyiwa referenced how their team was yet to get approval and how they wanted Zimbabwe to be on the launch schedule.

The following is what Strive Masiyiwa had to say on his Facebook page:

We really wanted Zimbabwe to be on the launch schedule for next week. More resources have been expended to getting the approvals in Zimbabwe than in all the countries put together! I remain hopeful that one day the approvals will be granted. As soon as that happens we will get Zimbabwe up and running within a matter of weeks, and we will create thousands of jobs.

This simply means that Kwese will continue expanding to other territories until the broadcasting authority of Zimbabwe gives the green light.

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