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Kwame Nkrumah: 54-year-old Photo Shows How Ghana’s First President Cried at the News of His Overthrow

Monday, February 24, 2020, marked the 54th anniversary of the overthrow Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana.

To commemorate the day which has been described as a sad one for Ghana, many social media users went online to remember Nkrumah.

Of the many posts and photos of Nkrumah that came up on social media, there was one which caught the most attention.

That was a photo of which was supposedly taken right after the news of his overthrow was relayed to Nkrumah.

As it is widely known, Nkrumah was travelling to Hanoi, Vietnam, at the invitation of President Ho Chi Minh when the incident happened.

Upon reaching Beijing (then often pronounced as Peking), China’s Ambassador to Ghana who had flown to meet Nkrumah for his tour broke the bad news to him.

The photo as sighted shows Nkrumah looking dejected after been told of the overthrow and he bowed buried his head in his hands.


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24th February 1966. The coup. The dent on the African revolution. . . . #kwamenkrumah #Africanhistory #Ghanahistory #Africanrevolution #Africa

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Clearly, Nkrumah was saddened by the events and as his later words suggested, he was weeping for Ghana.

As previously reported, Nkrumah fingered four people, Colonel E.K. Kotoka, Major A.A. Afrifa, Lieutenant General (retired) J.A. Ankrah, and Police Inspector General J.W.K. Harley, as the main architects for his overthrow with backing from imperialist agencies.


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